Sunday, June 28, 2009

so last saturday..

i dont know why, but the idea of multitasking is not very convenient but some how i am attracted to it. i am not the biggest fan but blogging and switching tabs on the internet browser and watching T.v at the same time is kinda fun..

but as usual, that was just an intro which has nothing to do with the things i am about to say..

so i went to this bazaar on the grounds of Urbanscape last Saturday with a couple of friends..they knew i wanted to tag a long just for the sight and seeing part..i am not a happy shopper when it involves sweaty crowds, and blazing sun..but actually the weather was the was so cloudy it felt like it could rain any minute, and that would really3 spoil the day coz i decided on that day that a guy carrying along an umbrella lacks the masculinity of a modern the end i did buy a few stuff..was pleased with the items there:)

so skipping all the non-happenings of the day, the thing that i really wanted to talk bout in this blog happened on the way home..i dropped on of my friend at the LRT station, and another went along with me as it happens that she stayed along my way we talked bout stuffs, and suddenly we started talking bout relationships..i wont go into details but after i dropped her off, i started thinking (1 of the few times during this holiday)..guys can be jerks sometimes, but what really makes me terkilan is that sometimes the jerkiest of guys get the nicest of girls..but then again, there must be something bout this guys that attracts the girls in the first place right?..

so can i say that life is unfair?maybe..but sometimes things happen for a reason (duhh) and shit happens for a reason too..for you to flush it down the bowl and let the clean water pour back into the bowl;

Sunday, June 21, 2009


welcome to rockaway (ignore the beer advert)

So today is Father's day..thanks abah for providing the other half of me..ha-ha (bad joke)..
but anyhow i wanted to tell you guys bout my spectecular, fun exciting yesterday..i went to this gig at Capsquare (dont blame urself for not knowing cause i only found out bout Capsquare yesterday)..a gig to celebrate mainly One Buck Short for doing something with Jack n Jill, think it was a was called Rockaway (creative gileRRR kan?haha)

i arrived at 3 and it was hot, crowded and wreaked of concentrated sweat..yes, all the ingredients of a good gig..the school kids were as rowdy as ever..the oldtimers just sat gracefully by the stairs, prefering not to join the crowd but instead just watched and absorbed the atmosphere from afar..
so as i came, there was this hardcore band playing, and i was like WTF, if ur gonna do a hardcore number, then sing it in english la, dont sing it in with a couple of friends, we head as up front to the stage as we can..and finally that chinese HC band was over..wahoo..

ive realised a really carzy/unique, call it whatever you want kinda trend which these hardcore kids are doing..its a new kind of mosh which i am not aware of..i dont know what they are doing exactly but they do this kind of motion which is like a combination of pogo and backstroking..seriously it was off the hook..never seen anything like that in my whole life..

but due to their lack of understanding of the english language or due to the sound system (which i dim totally fine), i missed out on their ceremonial "wall of death"..its like this totally mindblowing act where the kids will divide into to opposite groups and on the count of three, run full speed ahead towards each other..GILE kn?but ive checked out a few on youtube and it is a phenomenon..fuhhh!
BITTERSWEET was next..and i was like so freaking happy..

as they played i went into the mosh pit, smacked some guys in the face, and kicked some in the ass, and got the same in return..the feeling of freeeedom is so hard to describe..i dont know why but after jumping around like an idiot and constantly bumping into some other sweaty guys, i felt content, and free and light with all my burdens gone:))

another fun part about gigs is that you can "accidentally" bump into a girl and act like its all cool..seriously i dont do those kind of stuff but if it happens then it happens..i have no intention wotsoevr*whistling*..

then after bittersweet, there a few other bands that i listened to before heading home..bunkface performed OK je, the times were grrreat, casandra..i dint really pay any attention to them, estranged just layu, 7 collar..except for the fact that i took a photo with Duan (the vocalist) they were just average..i left kind of i missed out on all the other good bands such as the couple, one buck short, pesawat..and a few others..dammit..

a special shoutout to Miss Farah and Miss Syida for allowing me to tag along..had a blast..thank you(s)..

crazy hardcore kids

this is when things got interesting

Friday, June 19, 2009

falsely accused

ze court

some people dream of something gigantuous, humongous, lavish..but me, i dont dream big, i dont go for big things, because through bitter experince, it is never a good idea to put your hopes up to high just to see it crash and burn..

anyhow, im not posting up philosophies, i just wanted a grand introduction for this soon to become dissapointing post..finally,one of my sub-dreams(a small fragment that builds my main dream) came true. i watched a mock-trial..*loud cheers*

i went to IIUM Gombak yesterday and helped myself to 2 hours of was not as serious as i initially thought it would be, but it was understandable since it was organised by the 1st years(dont expect too much from them hahaha) was helpful that my sister was there with me to explain the flow and procedures of a was kinda fun and makes me regret my choice of plunging into Bio-medical *aaaaaah:(*..lawyers looked cool.
well after the show,my sister paraded me to some of her close friends..made me feel kinda wanted and important..seeing that i study in Kuantan they bombarded me with the typical "abg kenal tak kawan saya yg ni ________(fill the blank with a name)"..

although it started to get tiring after 15mins,they finally got the idea and communicated with me like a typical newly-introduced friends would do..last nite was refreshing,not just because of the mock-trial,but also because of a new social circle which i not necessarily fond of them,but its always ok to widen my scope of friends..till we meet again..adios!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


selamat malam semua!! yeah i know ive been missing for more then a muse ran away and never weote me a letter. Anyhow, i am back,not the most creative of writings but lately ive been into housekeeping.. yup for real.

Last nite i spent almost 3 hours reorganizing my cupboard and sorting out a few clothes that i dont really dig. So i hope this time around, my hygiene mood would last a lil longer then 3 days, and umi just asked me to mop the house and i was excited at the prospect of having something to do tomorrow (pathetic right)..

on a matter totally unrelated, a special shout out to gramps in JB, jaga diri tok (thats wot they call me back in JB) datang lawat sebelum cuti abes.. And also to my friends grandma whom i visited a few days ago.. Heard she was discharged from the hospital=)..always good to hear good news..jaga makan minum awak tu ye nek. Cucu awak risau ni..hehe..
so see you guys in a few days


Monday, June 08, 2009

when families collide

so family day was a blast..i dint die from any accidents thank God..we stayed at the Eagle Ranch Resort which has like this crazy cowboy, red indian style going on..pretty crazy stuff..but it was unique..

all my cousins were there except for the cousin that i am kamcing no sneaking around trying to get a puff of ciggies this time around..

its been almost two years since our last gathering..wel actually they had one last year but i was too commited to my studies..(yea right)..was mostly fun and games and it was the break i needed hehe..

but unfortunately, my weekend ended on a sour note..but what the heck,life must go on..i am giving myself a few days to recompose use trying to blame myself or anyone else..shit happened,and now i am just gonna have to flush it down the bowl,wash thoroughly and walk out the toilet feeling relieved(wtf??!..worst metaphor

so as promised, a few pics below..just for fun=)

we lived red indian style
affan(my nephew) enjoying his time in the sun

Thursday, June 04, 2009

this is called totally and utterly fucked up

dont be alarmed by this explicit title ladies and gentlemen..this is just a gimmick to grab your attention..tomorrow i will be heading to P.D for my family gathering, and i am pretty sure i'll die on my way there..dont ask me why, its just a gut if i owe anybody any money,please do claim it from my parents or you could just do the bigger thing and kira halal je la hehe..

anyways on a brighter note,if i do survive the trip tomorrow,i sure hope i will have a blast..nothing comforts me more then spending quality time with my family members (note:i used quality, instead of quantity because too much time with your family will definitely ruin your social life)..i will post something up regarding this weekend's boom bada boom-bastic event, and a few interesting snapshots or not videos of the whole sunny ordeal..

but if u are in my facebook friend list then you are privilidged enough to look at more pictures of this super duper event which includes a whole lot of me!! stay tuned..will blog ASAP..


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

lone ranger on the prowl

dont ask me why, but i have been trying to deal with my stress issues for waaaay too long..i dont even know where it started..maybe its just the state of my current life,unstable in relationships,money issues,identity crisis..look, im not here bitchin but how imperfect my life is..i know so many people out there have a (mind my french) more fucked up life compared to me..

so today i decided to go on a spiritual,soul cleansing trip to KLCC..well kinokuniya to be precise..i had so much fun staring and reading snippets of my book, i became a new me the Muslim version of the dalai lama was a fairly enjoyable day, walking around, stealing glances at ultra-chic KL gals,heaving a stroll in the park, and not to mention the mini picnic i had by the thing though, wished she was here with me..huuu..better stop before i sound sentimental..

but my main point is that if you ever feel stresses out, or feel like your in the brink of a meltdown Mariah style, just go somewhere,anywhere that you think might bring you peace..isolate yourself from all harm..heck,it worked for me,so hope it works out for other people too=)

my favourite spot
my fortress of solitude..i swear the scent of fresh pages turns me ON
my picnic lunch menu: diet pepsi, fruit tarts, mini pizza
the view..sooo sooothing

morning sickness

my mornings arent as cheery as it used to be..i am dreading the moment my eyes open and blurry images of the fan on the ceiling begin to take shape..
how can i face a person who grows weary of myself but fails to admit it.. i thinking too much or is this gut feeling a positive instinct..?

need to get out of the house today..clear my head..maybe i can see the bigger picture much more vividly..this helpless feeling makes me feel sooo Fucked up..why am i like this..huuu~

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

smoke till you drop..dead

people often ask me why i smoke,but truth be told..i dont freaking know..
then they ask, dont you wanna i tell them yeah, when i am married..
then they look at me weird (effing buggers and asked me again)..sure you can quit??

wot the hell laa..lansung x yakin with my just to prove to everyone that i am serious about quitting, i spent an hour (man hours, which translates to 15 mins of serious work) to search for the best way to quit these are the top 5 methods..

number one:
slowly decrease the amount of cigarettes smoked per day(the fella who figured this out is sooo very the clever la..duhh..if you wanna quit of coz av to decrease la..wanker!!)

number two:
nicotine patches(yeah grrrrreat way to reduce smoking..but this method is so time consuming, and a pack of those patches is SO expensive, you could easily get yourself a carton of Dunhill..and if your a smoker, the carton is so tempting)

number three:
go to support groups..well might be abundant in first world countries,but in Malaysia unfortunately, the closes you can get to support groups is your friends betting on how long you could last quitting..hahaha

number four:
search for substitutes such as lollipops, chewing gums..lollipos n chewing its better for us to get diabetes and sweet pee(kencing manis) instead of lung cancer?damn..its a sick2 world we live in

number five:
well i dont see any point in having five ways to quit if you, yourself dont put any effort to i would say the fifth method would be having a strong will..

unfortunately, as for me, i dont think the time has come yet..right now i am on a tight leashed quota of 8 sticks per day *sigh*..sowho knows wot the future holds for me..but for those who really (x8) wanna quit..kudos and selamat maju jaya!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

...of cendols and rojaks

ok ok..i know wot you guys are thinking..thought this was suppose to be a FHM-esque kinda blog, so why the freaking hell is this fella talking bout cendol and rojak??!
well i know this might be a suprise, but i have absolutely nothing to write on things pertaining to girls,lifestyle,health bla bla i went out on my savvy Hijau berKILAT to my favouritest spot for cendol in the whole wide world,konon-konon nk mencari my muse in a form of a super-duper stylo chick with bangs (see,ade cerita psal perempuan kan??)..
as i was sipping and munching (ni cendol pulut tau),it finally struck me..why dont i talk about the place that relaxes my stressful mind; my beloved cendol spot..
ok some might contradict,saying that i am not a total cendol-freak,but who cares,i like the cendol there,i like the ala-ala musim luruh leaf falling into your bowl kinda ambients..i love it there..
most Melawatians WILL agree when i say,that is THE best spot for cendol...(aiseh..i am drooling all over

you gotta love the vintage look with the bike and all

yes..the purrrrfect partner in crime

cendol pulut (L) and cendol jagung (R)..oii..wipe off that drool la