Sunday, February 21, 2010

enjoy my briefness


0.praise to God Almighty for creating such a marvelous structure of a creation (me) hunkmeter indicates that i have increased my hunk level by 0.8% making it at 99.8% in total (0.2 more to go) based on the evaluation of the board members(me and a few buddies who can't help but fuel my ego)


3.i have ended my pursuit to become the Alpha male of my office, instead i have opted to remain the Beta male (get it??better male hehehe)

4.i bought myself a new futsal shoe..a very limited edition Puma which i have never seen before(either its damn old or its just very limited...)

5.decided to reduce the number of post per week because it seems that it will give the effect of getting time to miss me more and more the merrier

6.i have followed this really err....unique blog by my friend who dearly insist i follow her blog due to health reasons (fearlesscrybaby)..if you are vain or anything within that region, or you desperately needed an idol or if you're totally bored of your skull (hehe) then please follow her..(sounds a lil like begging and if you're wondering,NO i don't get commission to promote this blog)

7.i'm currently a man on a mission to try to minimize spelling errors (bahasa London o bahasa Malaysia)..starting out with my Facebook & now my blog!!!..

8.finally using the hyperlink option given by this blog

9.just to remind you people that girls are still in love with me and i do consider myself as God's gift to womankind...(HAHAHAHA)

*barf barf barf*

sekian, wassalam (munching my Subway sandwich and clicking publish post)

Friday, February 12, 2010

day 8 in the office

guess wot guys and gals..its friday which means that the next day will be saturday, or for me, Frasiers Hill Day (correct my spelling if i am wrong..coz i get the spelling messed up with Frasier the t.v show)..tomorrow will be the gathering of the sons & daughters & grandsons & grand daughters & great grand daughter of the Sidek's & Cathy (Khatijah..she giggles when i call her that).i'll be sure to have a post on that colourful event soon..

so now for the juicy stuff..OFFICE POLITICS!!
(baru 2 minggu sini, dh nk sibuk office politics haha)

ive got really cool colleagues..sempoi je..everything so relax and we laugh at almost everything:
students tripping and falling down breaking their collarbone(HAHAHAHA)
a dude forgot to zip his pants while giving a 2hour lecture(HOHOHOHO)
a cicak bayi fell into her drink and she drank it and said "wahh untung gile, aku order teh o ais,die taruk nata de coco skali"(WAKAKAKA-okla,that didnt really happen but it sure would be funny if that really happened right??)

so you get how happening this guys are?we have fun while working and that makes me feel right at home..having fun while working is very important in my POV..why would you wanna stay in an office with a bunch of muka ketat ogres who looks like theyre bout to shit dwarfs?

but heres the prob!!

i am funny, i am usually the chairman when it comes to social gatherings, the ring leader, the guy people look up to if the night becomes dull..I AM THE ALPHA-Male (i got an image of an alpha-male gorilla with a white furred back..i actually learned the term by watching wild discovery)

before i get into the details of this particular issue, i would like to reassure everyone that i am not a hateful person..ask my ex(s)..i am a loving,kind,honest(highly debatable) guy..i have nothing but admiration (and tonnes of envy for this guy) heres the layout of my situation..2 guys, 4 girls and an office place (joke refers to 2 guys a girl and a pizza place..applause please) you can see below in the graphical form of things:

(Fiddled with powerpoint for an hour and realised i cant do graphs on powerpoint)

screw graphs!! this fella holds the highest authority in this room..he holds the aircon remote..ok its just a remote but its not the physical entity of the remote that i longed for but its the symbol that it represents that i am seeking..i want to be the ringmaster of this i dont want the ladies to swoon over me, i just wish for them to worship me MUAHAHAHAHA(with lightnings and all)..

i am positive that this current situation will provide an entertaining program for me..i'll give updates on the methods used to overthrow this fella..wahooooo~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

heres another one..

ok im a compulsive liar..i lie about most things such as:

a)im ugly
b)i have a flabby stomach
c)my scalp is oily
d)i dont look like mr. Pitt (not rabuan pit k!)
e)i am sooo freaking stupid

so another one of my lies is that i cant stop writing blogs..i knw i said i'll be posting a new entry weekly,but the creative juice in my head keeps coming up with fresh packages (of juice..duhhh!)..but one thing beginning to treat my blogspot like a place to tell the details of my life..for instance,im about to tell the tale of my interesting meeting with the Head of Department this morning..enjoy...

so there i was dashing as ever galloping on my green stallion (my car)..i arrived just in time to brush shoulders with the Lords and Ladies (pakguard & makcik cleaner) of the i approach my quarters, an envoy (colleagues la) from his royal highness (Tuan Haji something) came running in with great haste to tell me of an urgent news:

"Hear ye Hear ye,
His majesty request the presence of Sir Goodlooks-a-lot to a meet&greet(HUH??) to discuss some urgent matter ASAP"

without further delay i went and i saw the members of the royal court already chatting about on matters concerning they cornfield and such. the King entered and a bunch of royal midgets came along with him(ok now im getting too tired to be creative)..the royal crowd applauded and kneeled before him except for me, as i kneel to no mortal men..but ladies beware coz you WILL kneel before me(a lil x-rated content to spice things up)..the fat sloggy king took his seat on the throne and he began to speak...........

ok seriously this post is becoming lame..but heres a question i'd like to ask..look at your tie or your friend's tie..why in the world must it be pointy at the bottom?why cant it be more circlish?ive been thinking bout this the whole day..but i cant seem to conclude an answer..why ek?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

its art!



i was scribbling on a piece of paper (in my head jela coz i dont even have a paper to scribble on..lame-O) and i suddenly remembered this particular japanese drama..its called Trainman or Traino-maan(japanese accent) or Otaku densha..this is a typical story of a loser who falls in love with a hottie..same old storyline (sounds familiar..sounds like mine T_T)..anyhow im not gonna babble on how he saved her from a lunatic and she gave him this Hermes tea set,and how he pretended that he was cool via internet forum by losers like him,and the fact that when she finally likes him,in comes a challenger who lowest his already ankle-level self-esteem..but as all pathetic love stories go (que envy)..the loser gets the girl..but of course that only happens in fiction and in real life your more likely to be screwed by a pregnant cow then get an end like that..

well back to my piece(scroll upwards pls), i was trying to mimick this kinda art made using letters and symbols on the keyboard (ala-ala mase gune nokia 3310 pastu dpt msg bergambar tu la)..some of them are really cool and really great..ade mcm yg dorg lukis train flying into the starts..lawa!!

so if any of you know wot im talking bout,pls tell me the proper term used for this kind of things..i may have found my new hobby..bye-bye sweater knitting!!hello cyberworld artwork!!


chapter one:

today i decided to settle the long pending things ive needed to settle such as a medical check up which i dread and also going to the post office to settle wang has always been an issue for me..and this low paying job that i have accepted isnt helping my financial planning(still cant choose wot to buy with my 1st salary: a)a decent working shoes b)a pair of futsal shoes c)perfume (ck free) or d)working garments i.e shirt,pants decent underwear)..anyhow ive allocated 100bux for todays spree:((..its money i dont have and i hope my parents would be willing enough to pay for once i show them my receipt dried from tears spilling from my cheek..a lil drama always works..

going back to the issue of dreading medical check ups, dont you think a person's urine is something personal..well it comes from your innerself,something you dont expose in public,its your bodily liquid!!why would you pee in a cup and let people meddle with it??i am so sure that you dont go around putting bits of your lungs in cups and let people cucuk-cucuk with a pen right?okla..i know my reasons are not justified for the intellects but it is my personal opinion and i wont let negative comments startle my long standing belief!dont let peoples stupid justification alter your beliefs even if people call you a crazy old wrinkled ball sack for thinking you can go around naked cause your invisible..

so my end words are,live your life to the fullest,do wot you want as long as your happy and screw the rest..

"Live life cool"-Amirul (who read or heard it from somewhere)

Monday, February 08, 2010


newsflash: Amirul was deported back to some eastern European country due to his suckiness in writing..

ok well that statement above is half true (the last 4 words) wot if i go missing from the blogging world..ive got only five (5) eight year old kid posting his ugly ass drawn abstract couldve have more followers (parents (2) + siblings (3) + proud grandparents (3) =!)..i spent a long time (3 hours approx) reading other blogs and ive found a few cool ones..interesting topics and sometimes although half of em dont make sense but at least it kept me reading funny how people can find amusement in dumb topics i.e spoof of twilight & PTPN!! (i kid u not tis fella writes a 3 page post on PTPN)..

3 hours later...
i found the secret to writing the most awesomeness coolest take note:

one.write something totally ridiculous..make it a fantasy, go wild..real life is boring so only fiction would make it that much more fun

two.write rubbish(sounds like i am repeating myself but its totally different..rubbish is like fiction times a million..but funny)

three.dont try too hard to be funny..dont be like me..over explaining things till it becomes sad coz its sooo obvious i need to think to become if ur not funny to hell with blogs,u'd b better of as maseus(tukang urut tu la..i suck at spelling) vulgar!like tell people to f*ck off o go f*ck their car or anything in that context..(but i seriously think vulgarity should be kept to a minimum..u never know how old your readers could be *a halo suddenly appears above my head*)

On a totally different topic, yipeee ive got a job which pays me pretty well to look at pretty girls haha...i love my new working environment and the perks that comes along with it..but unfortunately, as eager as i am to start stretching my muscles to earn an honest income, i am confined to sitting at my desk and go crazy on the world wide web..sounds fun ya?try doin it for 6 hours straight,u'll be cursing the fella who created the internet!!

(just browsed my post and i cant believe how short it can this people spend hours writing a post ya?)

to my 5 followers, starting tomorrow i'll be more active with my blog (again)..i may not post things daily but i'll start out with weekly steps all the waaaaay..wahhh!cant believe im writingg blogs again and its actually making sense this time around..if your into misadventures of a self-loving hunk,pls stay tuned!