Sunday, June 21, 2009


welcome to rockaway (ignore the beer advert)

So today is Father's day..thanks abah for providing the other half of me..ha-ha (bad joke)..
but anyhow i wanted to tell you guys bout my spectecular, fun exciting yesterday..i went to this gig at Capsquare (dont blame urself for not knowing cause i only found out bout Capsquare yesterday)..a gig to celebrate mainly One Buck Short for doing something with Jack n Jill, think it was a was called Rockaway (creative gileRRR kan?haha)

i arrived at 3 and it was hot, crowded and wreaked of concentrated sweat..yes, all the ingredients of a good gig..the school kids were as rowdy as ever..the oldtimers just sat gracefully by the stairs, prefering not to join the crowd but instead just watched and absorbed the atmosphere from afar..
so as i came, there was this hardcore band playing, and i was like WTF, if ur gonna do a hardcore number, then sing it in english la, dont sing it in with a couple of friends, we head as up front to the stage as we can..and finally that chinese HC band was over..wahoo..

ive realised a really carzy/unique, call it whatever you want kinda trend which these hardcore kids are doing..its a new kind of mosh which i am not aware of..i dont know what they are doing exactly but they do this kind of motion which is like a combination of pogo and backstroking..seriously it was off the hook..never seen anything like that in my whole life..

but due to their lack of understanding of the english language or due to the sound system (which i dim totally fine), i missed out on their ceremonial "wall of death"..its like this totally mindblowing act where the kids will divide into to opposite groups and on the count of three, run full speed ahead towards each other..GILE kn?but ive checked out a few on youtube and it is a phenomenon..fuhhh!
BITTERSWEET was next..and i was like so freaking happy..

as they played i went into the mosh pit, smacked some guys in the face, and kicked some in the ass, and got the same in return..the feeling of freeeedom is so hard to describe..i dont know why but after jumping around like an idiot and constantly bumping into some other sweaty guys, i felt content, and free and light with all my burdens gone:))

another fun part about gigs is that you can "accidentally" bump into a girl and act like its all cool..seriously i dont do those kind of stuff but if it happens then it happens..i have no intention wotsoevr*whistling*..

then after bittersweet, there a few other bands that i listened to before heading home..bunkface performed OK je, the times were grrreat, casandra..i dint really pay any attention to them, estranged just layu, 7 collar..except for the fact that i took a photo with Duan (the vocalist) they were just average..i left kind of i missed out on all the other good bands such as the couple, one buck short, pesawat..and a few others..dammit..

a special shoutout to Miss Farah and Miss Syida for allowing me to tag along..had a blast..thank you(s)..

crazy hardcore kids

this is when things got interesting


Anonymous said...

wah, ade improvement in terms of kepanjangan bicara..huhu..

finally, ur holiday fulfilled with sumthing wild kn? ;p

En. amirul said...

hurmm..ade org tu constantly menyuruh i panjangkn penulisan hehe

hehe..di bandung pon wild juge;p

aiZUDDin said...

pogo mmg bnyk jenis, yg style pogo backstroke tu org panggil gile meroyan, kua3

p/s: demm xajk

En. amirul said...

haha..btul la 2..mmg ade gaya meroyan pon dorg..

k la..nex tym aku ajk hehe


Okay. I kinda got the idea who 'Anonymous' is. Haha.

p/s: I've never been to anything that requires me to gasak with profusely-sweating teenagers (with or without bad BO). Yuck!

p/p/s: Not 'dim', but 'deem'. Or 'deemed'. I'm sure you already know that. I'm guessing it's a typo? ;)

En. amirul said...

yeah..typo..was in a hurry..ade request dr rakan2..

btw,y the sudden change of name..sounds like a band;p


Makin menjadi buruan ramai lah Amirul ni ye. Siap ade request lagi!

Sudden change of name sebab.. I just feel like it. Hehe.

And yes, it's a band's name. In Rock Band on my PSP :P

En. amirul said...

oww..that explains a lot..

boohoo..u reminded me of my rosk PSP..*sigh*


Get it repaired fast!
Tak rindu nak main ke?

En. amirul said...

well yeah..but repairing need money..and money i dont have..too mant expenses evn tho tgh cuti..hehe

ammar khan said...

hardcore dancing la tu..
bukan pogo..yg macam pogo+backstroking tu namenye two-step..
cassandra sgt superb!the vocalist, kash, is a gym instructor. ko gi la blaja ngan dia cara2 nak kurus kan badan :P
kat fb aku berlonggok pics of hardcore gigs i went every month.gagaga

En. amirul said...

thank you master for enlighting us with ur knowledge..mane la aku nak aku nk sgt tgk wall of death ml 2..huhu