Tuesday, January 04, 2011

i am a late bloomer

with reference to the title above, yes, I, Amirul am a late bloomer.
not in the Justin Bieber sense, that would be wrong in all degrees possible.
I am a beautiful late bloomer, like the last flower to bloom in spring after a cold hard winter, when all the towns people would wait for me to bloom, and as I bloom, they rejoice and cheer and dance and sing for 3 days and 3 nights.


ok I'll get straight to the point.
I finally got a twitter account.
I used to have a very negative perception on twitterianz (I used Z cause it might escalate the cool factor by 10 folds).
and I have a very concrete reason to do so.
I hate all those overrated celebs who twit (an action of twitting) almost every minute.
I mean come on, you guys might be important to some people, but picking your nose is not something to be twitted about.
but like all fragile human beings, I succumb to the temptation to be amongst the cool of the cool society -- the cooler version of pet society (which I actually used to play to impress a chick -- don't ask!).

I have to admit, that twitter is kind of fun to a certain point.
don't ask me why exactly I decided to have one, maybe its symptoms of a middle-middle age crisis?
who knows right?
but like a child who just hit puberty (ignore the JB references), I can't help but explore, and slowly begin to love what I have obtained (don't imagine me caressing myself).
twitter is fun for fun's sake.
just another distraction for me away from my mundane life.

before I scoot off, if you, yourself find yourself (english at its worst) bored and online, (thick face on) just follow me on twitter will you?
who knows I might make your day with my funny quotes and undeniably charming charm? (gahaha)

SEARCH : kakhairudeen

it'd be fun to have double digit followers by the end of January.


farah kimi said...

fyi,an action of twitting is called tweet kot?aku rasa la.
btw,apsal kakhairudeen?mcm kakak khairudeen je.hmmmmmm.LOL(mesti ko menyampah aku komen kan?hahahaha)

En. amirul bond said...

macam mana from twit boleh jadi tweet? ak perasan gak ramai orang eja "tweet" tapi ak tak boleh terima sebab tak logik kot!!haha

ooh..kakhairudeen tu sebab ak nak gagap sebut khairudeen..ala ala kkkkkakakakakhairudeen..lol