Monday, January 03, 2011

losing motivation

dear all,
if you noticed, I haven't been posting blogs in awhile.
why you ask me?
its not that I have not typed any drafts at all (currently there are like 3 drafts to be yet to be finished and posted).
so in that sense, being lazy to blog is not the reason for my lack of participation.
being busy at work?
well half true.
I was busy for the past month and a half, but I did try to post something up, including a special post on my trip to P********s (read : Petrosains) a few months back.
but halfway doing that, I stopped, and let that draft rot in the drafting place of doom *thunder* (is that what it is called?)
lack of motivation would be my guess.


but a few hours back, I opened up my dusted Tumblr account (again, it was left unattended longer then my blogspot account), and posted up a blog.
I can't say that I was fully motivated, as I just ended a one hour session of being schooled by some other units boss about protocol.
surprisingly though, my thoughts were clear, and words flow out of me like diarrhea, after a bad meal.
i wonder why?
maybe it is because of this:

type -> preview (optional) -> post

type -> edit fonts -> edit font colour -> preview (optional) ->post

see the difference?
two major, effort draining steps!!
gile pe?
I totally get the idea of being able to personalize and customize the whole blog to match your personality, but have you seen the blogger dashboard?
even all the options on the toolbars stink of complicatedness.
Tumblr is easy, hassle free and it makes your blog automatically look cool for you, like seriously.
Blogspot, I love you, but please learn that "less is more".
I am done.

end note - what a terrible post, I know. But what to do? This is all that I can offer. Hopefully I'll get my mojohoho back. out.


farah kimi said...

you can skip the edit font and font colour if you learn how to standardize them!

En. amirul bond said...

alaaa..memang laa..tapi nanti tak best lah argument ak nanti :S..
tak suport member langsung T_T

farah kimi said...

nama je mr. bond,tapi bondoh!

En. amirul bond said...

sebondoh ak pun, takde lah sampai nak restrict ak punye blog tu invited readers je. mcm attic ko tu..bahahaha