Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a short take on stuff

if any of you are wondering, this is my attempt at a witty post-raya post..i have been drained of ideas since my last don't blame me for further boredom i might inflict in the next few sentences..

so raya was a relatively higher gross then the same time i spent quality time between my friends and i..i got to go to a few open houses which beats the past year's record of nil..

anyhow being away from my hometown, it is quite hard to control things that are distant from you..somethings you know you have to control but it is sometimes ruffled by the politics of buddies and such..i may be not in a correct state of mind to comment or share my views on this matter..but i leave you guys with a short and sweet taste of my wisdom..there are NO stated rules on somethings, but humans are born with a certain degree of etiquette...please bare that in mind when you're doing things that you think may seem right but a gut feeling tells otherwise..end

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a smack in the head

dear readers..i am becoming those regular bloggers..i update rarely and my recent posts have become duller then ever..(shoulders down)..i have lots of things running marathons in my head..but each time i wanted to write, the lack of internet connectivity seems to be the biggest obstacle..

so i am back home for my two week puasa-raya break, whichever you prefer and by pure coincidence my dad had THE talk with me last no its THE marriage talk, its THE have -you-figured-out-your-future kinda talk..he asked me bout my plans after graduating and i was pretty sure he went to worried stage 2 (it goes up to stage 4 if you're wondering)..i realized i am totally not prepared..i have no clue or plan wotsoever and i realized that i am fucked..hard!!

i am 24 and i am acting like i have no care in the world..only troubled by petty lil things like hutang kawan-kawan,friend politics and cinta bersegi-segi(don't ask) the end i had a hard time sleeping,which happens a lot to me lately..sometimes i can't vacade my mind..all i have in my head are either unhappy thoughts, problems, or mutant sheeps jumping fiery fences while shooting lasers up each other's arses..

but i did have a revelation just before i went to la-la land..i'd start taking my life more seriously!!(duhh for the obviousness)..but there is another but (which makes that 3 buts in this paragraph) i will miss most parts of my student more late nights, no more playing PES (ProEvolution Soccer), no more dinner convoys..and most importantly,it means some huge changes in a certain department in my life, since i won't have the luxury of free time and i won't be in kuantan close to.....

so morally, i have the conscience of seriously looking for a job, but realistically??..well lets just allow time and fate deal with that part of my life(ha-ha-ha)..look forward for my pre-raya post..Assalamualaikum kawan-kawan;O