Friday, January 07, 2011

first friday

as the title suggest, it is the first Friday of twenty eleven (2011) people.
most people think that the first week of the year paves the way for the rest of the year.
in other words, if the first week sucks, then be ready for a swim in the shit pool all year looong.
my guess is that people are already thinking about how fast this year would end.
rightly so, to me, this first week pass faster then you can say "I am too ashamed to admit that I was the one who farted on the elevator on the way up to the 8th floor" -- it took me 7 seconds.
if you are working in a corporate environment, you should know how hectic the first week is.
suddenly got sooo many things to submit, and meetings have been bombarding like bird shit on a windscreen of a car parked under a tree (i do realize the amount of shit references I have been using in this post thus far).
but still I managed to squeeze some time to blog. LOL.


this year will mark a few important events for me, personally.
so i have been determined to work much harder and more gigih.
no more dozing off (like I did yesterday).
no more snaking, which I have never done, so far, like seriously.
i will be 26 in a few months.
already feeling the physical strains of since last year.
hate that feeling.
also, I see my belly inflating at a worrying rate -- I'll be physically prepared to double as santa (claus, not dewi) for this years xmas ho-ho-ho.


I do hope the year so far is treating my friends and family well this year.
lets make it a good one.
hopefully more enjoyable then the previous year. yosh!!


bila masa mereka buat addition the blogspot.
susahnya nak setting!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

i am a late bloomer

with reference to the title above, yes, I, Amirul am a late bloomer.
not in the Justin Bieber sense, that would be wrong in all degrees possible.
I am a beautiful late bloomer, like the last flower to bloom in spring after a cold hard winter, when all the towns people would wait for me to bloom, and as I bloom, they rejoice and cheer and dance and sing for 3 days and 3 nights.


ok I'll get straight to the point.
I finally got a twitter account.
I used to have a very negative perception on twitterianz (I used Z cause it might escalate the cool factor by 10 folds).
and I have a very concrete reason to do so.
I hate all those overrated celebs who twit (an action of twitting) almost every minute.
I mean come on, you guys might be important to some people, but picking your nose is not something to be twitted about.
but like all fragile human beings, I succumb to the temptation to be amongst the cool of the cool society -- the cooler version of pet society (which I actually used to play to impress a chick -- don't ask!).

I have to admit, that twitter is kind of fun to a certain point.
don't ask me why exactly I decided to have one, maybe its symptoms of a middle-middle age crisis?
who knows right?
but like a child who just hit puberty (ignore the JB references), I can't help but explore, and slowly begin to love what I have obtained (don't imagine me caressing myself).
twitter is fun for fun's sake.
just another distraction for me away from my mundane life.

before I scoot off, if you, yourself find yourself (english at its worst) bored and online, (thick face on) just follow me on twitter will you?
who knows I might make your day with my funny quotes and undeniably charming charm? (gahaha)

SEARCH : kakhairudeen

it'd be fun to have double digit followers by the end of January.

Monday, January 03, 2011

losing motivation

dear all,
if you noticed, I haven't been posting blogs in awhile.
why you ask me?
its not that I have not typed any drafts at all (currently there are like 3 drafts to be yet to be finished and posted).
so in that sense, being lazy to blog is not the reason for my lack of participation.
being busy at work?
well half true.
I was busy for the past month and a half, but I did try to post something up, including a special post on my trip to P********s (read : Petrosains) a few months back.
but halfway doing that, I stopped, and let that draft rot in the drafting place of doom *thunder* (is that what it is called?)
lack of motivation would be my guess.


but a few hours back, I opened up my dusted Tumblr account (again, it was left unattended longer then my blogspot account), and posted up a blog.
I can't say that I was fully motivated, as I just ended a one hour session of being schooled by some other units boss about protocol.
surprisingly though, my thoughts were clear, and words flow out of me like diarrhea, after a bad meal.
i wonder why?
maybe it is because of this:

type -> preview (optional) -> post

type -> edit fonts -> edit font colour -> preview (optional) ->post

see the difference?
two major, effort draining steps!!
gile pe?
I totally get the idea of being able to personalize and customize the whole blog to match your personality, but have you seen the blogger dashboard?
even all the options on the toolbars stink of complicatedness.
Tumblr is easy, hassle free and it makes your blog automatically look cool for you, like seriously.
Blogspot, I love you, but please learn that "less is more".
I am done.

end note - what a terrible post, I know. But what to do? This is all that I can offer. Hopefully I'll get my mojohoho back. out.