Wednesday, July 15, 2009

final fantasy??..not!

selamat pagi..

my friends would know for the past two weeks i have been whining about wanting to go back to kuantan..i am not much of a whiner and so,if i do whine it IS for a serious cause...i thought my routine back home of facebooking and downloading is my life low..but now it seems i've been able to once again beat that...

for me, going back to kuantan would mean having to start a new social circle..moving out of my comfort zone,finding new sets of friends (not that i have any difficulty having to do that)..i was taking it as a new adventure..but i hate adventures especially if it involves au de natural toilet (sungai) and those annoying lil creatures they call nyamuk..

so i went back with high hopes that it would be much fun-ner..ohh i was dead wrong..this semester i was given the liberty of staying in the PG block which means i finally have my own room..i was imagining all the fun activities (ehem) that i could do with my new found privacy..but now,its the third day in kuantan and i am already dreading the fact of having to come back to a lonely, empty room..(everybody sigh)..

but not all is negative bout my return trip a way i begin becoming closer to the second years and the fourth years..they are a cool bunch though a lil rowdy at i am hoping for a better last sem and hopefully i'll be going back with a "boom boom pow"(que BEP)..bye~~