Saturday, August 22, 2009

reincarnation of a blogger

fuhhhhhh(followed by a long sigh)..

when was the last time i updated..seems like berkurun lamanya..looks like i m turning into those wanna be bloggers who post up 6 post and go MIA for the next fingers are cracking like an old mans knee from typing..punya la lama tak type..

so ive already thought of wot to write in this post so here it is..have you guys watched the movie Alfie..the movie where Jude law is this super-duper philosophical ultimate player?well i re-watched it a week ago in a state of half soberness..ive always thought of that movie as a feel good male fueled movie..but the second round of watching it made me realize that there is a valuable lesson in the can cheat on so many girls, all the girls that you want, but when you finally wanna commit but the person disses you,well thats hell on earth (sheesh susunan ayat so terrible..nampak sangat dh lama tak type) enough with alfie..

ive made a puasa resolution this year not to just continue my streak of puasa penuh, but also go to tarawih everynight..sound impossible?well yeah but you must always aim for the moon because if you fall you'll still be among the stars ( it off the wall of my class in secondary school)..

you know wot i love most about Ramadhan?the KUIH RAYAs..seriously i am the BIGGEST fan of kuih raya in Malaysia..i wouldnt mind going on a kuih raya diet all my life..there is something special and intriguing about kuih raya that sucks your soul in unforgivingly and lives you addicted..arggghh..i knew it was a mistake typing my blog di siang Ramadhan,i m drooling all over my keayboard..gonna take my leave, so Selamat Berpuasa kamu2 semua..jgn ponteng, ingat, Tuhan nampak...sehingga ketemu lagi..Assalamualaikum