Sunday, May 31, 2009


buenos dias..

yes yes yes..finally my own blogspot..
i always criticize what others write on their blogs, so out of pure boredom and pressuring from a friend, i decided to write my own blog..
if ur looking for world politic related shindigs, well piss off..i AM gonna write only wot i like..which includes mainly about girls and how good they look in sexy black dresses heh..btw i AM NOT a sexist, i respect woman as the child bearer in which they deserve my undivided respect..ty umi..
if ur not a fan of cussing-to-enhance emotional gestures, then piss off again..
but if are a fan of Hank Mooty and his lifestyle, welcome welcome..come one come all..
a special shout out to a certain Miss _______ for providing me this uniquely simple layout..without her i'd probably just fill my time facebooking..thanks for the idea=)
gotta stop writing for now,my stubby fingers are cramping..enjoy my lousily edited picture as an introduction for things to come.."yipee"

juggling heartaches can be fun if you do it with the right person.