Monday, November 01, 2010


i have finally garnered enough strength to write up a post.
in reality, my life have been nothing lack of eventful since i last wrote.
whether its sad or happy, that would be for me to know.

(i suddenly remembered a letter sent by PTPTN a few months ago and i have been meaning to pay up. but i forgot where i put it *panting*)

i am wondering the tempoh of belas ikhsan before any legal step is taken against me.
(my previous employer wanted to bring me to court for not settling my lieu, keji!!)

well anyways, i better continue before i lose my mood to write.
i have been intensively reading, juggling two books.
(a seasonal suicide note, the international jew -- a book i have been frantically searching for, for months)
though i think the international jew is a book meant for the patient (penyabar, not pesakit).
seriously i was and still contemplating to make short notes or putting up post it notes on pages to remind myself what i have just read.
probably my liking for fiction based books took my ability to read with 100% concentration.
it is a good book, though you kind of need a critical mind to truly understand the issues brought up by mendiang Henry Ford (yes, the guy who invented the car).
i have to admit, i am not a critical reader, though my hair is kerinting (get it??it sounds kind of alike and i thought it would be an appropriate spastic joke....or not..whatever lah).

so hopefully by the time i finish reading, which would be around 2015, because it is almost 1000pages thick, i will finally start my book review section, which i have been babbling about in a few post before.

(but don't look forward to it, because as you know, i am very consistent in my inconsistency)

now would i like to talk about the going ons in my life??
errmmm..i don't think so.
so just appreciate what i have written because i don't know when i will have the urge to produce something as good as this..


note-i don't know why but i think i deserve the worst in life. probably because i think i have done too many harmful things to people who care about me. i don't know, probably it is just my mood swing, probably it is true. all the worst to me, and all the best to others. bye!

note for notes - i re-read my post, and i have the tendency to use "though". why eiyh? something to ponder at the pond (same style of joke as the critical-kerinting joke).


ameera alzawawy said...

should have told me you wanted to read "international jew".. i got it.. thats why..(org sombong) + (malas bertanya) = rugi .. hihihi..

En. amirul bond said...

I have been publicly stating it on my fb. Duhhhh. But thanks for telling me after I got it. At least I can take my own sweet time reading it:)

Kamal La Great said...

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