Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the L word..among other stuff

i am going a little sentimental in this post.
talking bout my theory on the L word.
not lust but love.
although some people find it hard to differentiate those two words.
people like me.

call me old fashioned but i truly believe in the sacredness of the word love.
it means you deeply and sincerely care about the person you feel it towards.
i.e family, friends, girl/boyfriends in general.
never say the word love blatantly unless you really really really mean it.

i've past my womanizing days, and yes by blatantly saying the word in the correct moment (moment of pure vulnerability) you WILL score a lot of points.
but a strict principle i held on to for more than 10 years (amboi) is to not say the word iunless you mean it.
people nowadays say it regularly like it is worthless.
as frequent as they say the word sh*t,f*uck,f*uck that sh*t, although i doubt the feasibility in the last phrase.
imagine f*cking that sh*t?
i dare not dwell on that matter, baru je lepas sahur ni.

anyways, what i want to say is, treasure that special word wisely.
it means a lot to some people.
and remember, "i love eating burgers" is lust, not love.
think about it.


today is my second day temporarily parentless.
couple of challenges includes the laundry (wash,dry,fold), sisters wellfare (food, studies etc.)
i tell you it is no easy job.
so in this moment of enlightenment, i pay my respect to all the parents out there.
truly tough task you have going on raising kids.

being the responsible brother i am, i settle all the laundry.
not that easy seeing as to how early i go to work, and how late i reach home by the end of the day.
so i opted to settle the laundry at night (thank God for the invention of the dryer).

as for household chores, i delegate it fairly among us three.
no power abuse suprisingly.
and suprisingly more is that i take up most of the chores.

another matter that suprises me is to how caring i am towards my sisters.
don't ask me how, but i seem to care about them more.
maybe i do have a softer more responsible side to me.
suddenly i feel like i am a dad concerned over his pride and joys.

as an example, i make noon calls to both of them to make sure everything is fine and dandy.
i call them before i drive back from work.
and i asked how their day was??
i deem myself to be a wonderful parent in the future. Amiiiin.
till we meet again.

end note - just too many positive words being said above, so in this post, no summary of good things. enjoy your family as you enjoy looking yourself in the mirror after putting on a nice set of clothes smirking.

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ameera alzawawy said...

eyy..part one was nice..

i love vanilla sundae - craving

i love enrique iglesias - 70%lust 30%love

i love myself - totally lust (i'm hot)

i love my family - love :)

i love this post - saje je nk bg u perasan its love..but sbnrnye tahap like je.. but i like it . gud job keep it up :)

n ur parents gi umrah....fine...