Monday, August 16, 2010

it is another hectic/emotional/draining montag

salam ramadhan al-mubarak (hehe).
as always, i am about to complain about the complexity of my life.
but in most cases, i make the situation more complex than it is.
exhibit A; relationship based problems.
that explains me still being available for the picking but cute fruit harvesters.
(imagine me as a finally ripen juicy apple.lmao!)

ok, where shall i start.
from morning to present times i suppose.
chronology is the key to an interesting story.

you may or may not know that i took a day off today.
primarily to laze around endlessly.
but i had two interviews today.
for the same post but different divisions.
it's hard to understand if you don't know what i am currently doing.
so the morning session was ok la, not bad in my books.
but the afternoon session started off badly with me getting slightly lost (blame the road for being uber winding).
and upon arrival, they were some miscommunications, and so i had to wait 40minutes for my interview session (lucky i had my BB-berlagak sikit di situ).
it started off well with my interviewers being the cool sempoi type.
than they gave me a marker and a whiteboard, not as a gift, but for me to solve problematic situational err situations.
and it relates to the thing that i studied a YEAR & a HALF ago.
memang lah i dah ingat-ingat lupa malu-malu kucing.
(i think i have the convincing i am intelligent look, but i know they were disappointed to discover the shallowness of my knowledge).

i tried my best in that dire situation.
but unfortunately BSing does not work in situations where you are judged based on facts.
and at that time, my facts were a dismal nil!!

and hour and a half later, the bombing of berlin ceased.
i was left there pondering stupidly, putting on a brave face.
i felt like i was stripped naked and tied up on a flag pole for people to admire errr stare i mean.
but there is a plus side to all this...
ok fine!
there are no plus sides!
but i tell you i am going back there fully equipped in a months time!
mark my words mister "i fail to see the glimpse of light from your ideas".
fuhhh!geram aku rasa nak debik tapi aku bersabar.


my parents left for umrah leaving me and my two little sisters home.
it was kinda touching although they will be gone only for a week.
i'll tell on my tales and tips on how to manage a household without making it into a househole while juggling a career (ceewah) while maintaining poise and class of an aristocrat.
so ladies and gentlemen that signals the end of my rambling.
have a nice week.

end note-people may not be tested till they are faced with desperate situations. i suppose the interview and the management of the house and siblings would be a good test for me. of course, there will always be a brighter side of things in any situation. it all depends on you on how you see it.

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