Thursday, August 12, 2010

finally something good.

i am gonna start my post with a startling news.
remember the list on my previous post?
well i already sadly did not achieve one of it.
due to exhaustion and unforeseen circumstances, i missed last nite's tarawih.
but fortunately tonite's tarawih is fulfilling.
and the tazkirah, well lets put it this way, was impactful.
terasa insaf yang berpanjangan...


on to a slightly less significant nothing related to ramadhan news.
after almost 2 months of pondering, finally i have made my mind.
i am gonna do it tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

All the BEST!! :)) (tak sangka aku ni baik sangat :P)

En. amirul bond said...

apa yang all the best?siapa yang baik sangat ni?kenapa anonymous si aku?
hehe 20 Q's!