Tuesday, August 10, 2010

for you & me

salam ramadhan al-mubarak.
it's that time of the month again (restraining myself from making period jokes).
fasting month is here.
quick tickets to losing pounds.
it is an Ibadah, and it is a time when we should reflect on ourselves.
our lifestyle, attitude etc.

so i have been a bit of a nuisance to people quite recently.
so i thought to myself, i need a change.
so this is my ramadhan change list (bare with me, its a long list):

  1. QUIT SMOKING (i bought myself a pack of nicotine gums. instead of smoking before tarawih, i'll just chew on the gum. hopefully i can make it.amiiin~)
  2. quit being selfish
  3. quit being judgmental
  4. quit reacting based on emotion
  5. think before i act
  6. stop hurting people emotionally & mentally
  7. refrain from vulgarity
  8. refrain from mencuci mata excessively
  9. be more motivated
  10. be more financially savvy
  11. be more sincere in doing my daily task
  12. BE A BETTER MUSLIM-judging from my current amalan, i am almost guaranteed a spot in hell;(
  13. complete tarawih for the whole month
  14. finally, don't hangat-hangat tahi ayam for once
i realized that i have a lot of shortcomings.
and i have turned a blind eye to it.
but since a Holy month is here, why not make the best of it.
ramadhan only comes once a year, so why not invest on it.
why don't you guys share your wish list with me?
in my first post after ramadhan, i'll cross out the things that i think i have improved on.
i may not achieve all, but i really x88 hope i can reduce my bad habits.

puasa penuh kawan-kawan ye!

end note-we always overlook our own weaknesses. never do that. change for the better. i promised someone that i'll change. with God's blessings, i hope i do change. but remember, change for yourself, not for other people. it'll last longer.


aRiff said...

"judging from my current amalan, i am almost guaranteed a spot in hell;("....this sounds funny...but when it hit us right in the face, it's not funny anymore...nobody's perfect...huhu...let's try our best to become a better muslim.

En. amirul bond said...

i hear you bro!

Anonymous said...

life is a learning process. and we are not without weaknesses to overcome. Im sure God knows that, since He made us that way. (Duhh~! ;P) So try your best to be your best, and just leave the rest for Allah to evaluate. and He is the Ahkamul Hakimin, right.

Anyways, wish list is a great start. Im happy for you. Wish you well, Amirul. Hoping for the best for you here. :)

En. amirul bond said...

but i would certainly like to know where here is..hehe
all the best for you too.
viva ramadhan al-mubarak!