Monday, November 15, 2010

yes it is me and i am finally back after a few weeks m.i.a.
good news for me as i looked at the blogger dashboard and i saw a +2 in my number of followers.
one more and i have reached yet another milestone:)
i know one of my followers is my brother (see his blog for a fun reading -- so he claims)

i for one discourage any of my family members to read or even follow my blog.
(i know that beats the purpose of having a blog because the main purpose is to let people read)
my main reason for having a blog is to channel dis satisfactions and left wing ideologies to the world, and of course it will come off as a tiny bit unfamily friendly.
but with that said, who gives a damn right??

a little update on yours truly.
i have finally started my new job.
a two and a half hour commute (to and fro) from my place to work.
but for the sake of mencari rezeki halal, whose complaining?(uhhh me!!)
the environment is ok, a few familiar faces i met during my trainee days are also here.
so i am slowly but surely starting to feel comfortable.
for future's sake, i won't name the organization that i am working for.
just in case i do feel like blasting them with curses and such.

as for my personal life, i think i am finding true happiness.
life is always a celebration when it is good, and hell when it is not.
i guess that's how life is.
live with it or die.
we need to be like a rolling stone, continually riding on our own momentum venturing into places unknown -- to infinity and beyond.
i don't think i have anything funny to share, but past events have made me more appreciative with what i have now.
i am loving life.
i hope this is a beginning to a freaking rock 'n' roll concert of a life.


end note - love life, love love, love making love? (yang halal ye)

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